“Supporting local business is necessary in order to have a strong community. World economics can be confusing but when we focus locally, things become very clear.”

Support local business at Spenditin.comNot so long ago almost every business was a local business. Goods and services were purchased from physical stores in a particular community by the very residents who lived in that community.

Today online shopping has changed the landscape of downtowns across America.

Once thriving business districts full of interesting choices and bustling with friendly people are now being challenged by faceless online shopping carts delivering a sterile, solitary purchasing experience.

Where you spend your money has a profound impact not only on the local business community in YourTown, but directly on you, your family, your friends and your neighbors as well. It’s an indisputable fact that your quality of life hinges on the economic health of your community.

Here is a concept that will make it crystal clear…

Each dollar that you spend equals one vote for the success of the business you spend it with.

“When you spend money with a local business, what you are really doing is voting for the success of that business, the success of your community, and ultimately the quality of life that you experience every day.

When local businesses who have a physical presence in YourTown succeed, you directly benefit from that in a thousand ways. Here are just a few:

  • You won’t have to drive 40 miles to purchase something that you need today.
  • You won’t have to wait two weeks for a service that you need tomorrow.
  • Your town can invest more in roads, parks, beautification projects, and critical social services.
  • When local businesses succeed, new jobs are created in your community.

When you choose to keep your money in the local economy it becomes a powerful force for positive change. However, when too much of it leaves your community… well, we’ve all seen what happens then.

Money moves at the speed of light. It can go from your wallet to the other side of the world in mere seconds so please remember – where that money lands has an enormous impact on the quality of life that you and your family experience every day.

It’s your money. Spenditin YourTown.